The Resilient Woman

resilient womanWomen operate simultaneously on so many levels; it requires them to assess needs for various situations constantly. Not that men are not resilient, they are, however, while it can be challenging to recover from setbacks and unforeseen disasters, women usually rise victorious. The dance of life is unscripted.

If fortunate enough to have a plan, realize that no recovery plan is foolproof, many are fraught with stumbles and false starts. Even when tempted to give up, with futility looming large, it is easy to become convinced of potential doom from the challenge that has befallen your plans. Remembering that life can have missteps, which are most often not fatal, we learn to make those missteps a part of life’s dance.

Here are some reminders for your toolbox to use when resilience is required:

  • Understand your challenge – Objectively define the issue facing you in detail
  • Process your situation from a personal perspective – Examine how it may affect you
  • Accept the possibility of adversity – Prepare for potential setbacks by looking several steps ahead
  • Change your thought patterns – Interrupt negative thoughts with positive “self-talk”
  • Put the situation into proper perspective – View mishaps and mistakes as a typical part of life
  • Consider Plan, A, B, and C – Try to think in terms of “what if” scenarios
  • Build your support system – Surround yourself with positive people – mentors – experts – achievers
  • Invite gratitude –Learn to appreciate and acknowledge opportunities to grow – try to write them down
  • Maintain success-driven routines and structure –Plan daily activities to nourish your mind and body

Here's a handy resource of the reminders for your toolkit.