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Posts by Brenda Goburn-Smith

Habits for Success – Start Small

Imagine you that you could have greater success by adopting small habits. After trying and failing many times to create the new, more positive habits you crave, is it any wonder that by now you’re probably a little gun-shy about the process? But the truth is, most attempts at forming new habits fail, simply because…

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Habits for Success – Know Your “Why”

When you go on a journey, you know your starting point, desired destination, and how you are going to get there. If you want to bring success into your life, then those same elements are essential. To create success, you must know what success means to you. Success is different for everyone, so there is…

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Habits for Success – Declutter Your Environment

When you are trying to develop good habits, the environment you have set up for yourself can determine whether you succeed. Give yourself the best chance for success by ensuring your surroundings are in their optimal condition. It sounds simple but essential to keep your environment clutter-free. You don’t need to live in a museum…

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Are You a Trustworthy Confidante?

We seldom talk about confidentiality until something goes awry and feelings are hurt. Recently, I was playing golf with my golfing buddy, and out of the blue, she said I should be a “bartender.” Of course, I asked why.  She said that she had talked with our mutual business colleague a few days earlier, who…

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Do You Have a Map or GPS for Success?

Everyone wants to be successful and live a meaningful and fulfilling life without major struggles or stressful survival issues. It is human nature to want to be successful. Each of us defines it differently. There is no right or wrong answer, nor is there an absolute quantifiable measurement. Although, society holds up certain criteria, milestones,…

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The Resilient Woman

Women operate simultaneously on so many levels; it requires them to assess needs for various situations constantly. Not that men are not resilient, they are, however, while it can be challenging to recover from setbacks and unforeseen disasters, women usually rise victorious. The dance of life is unscripted. If fortunate enough to have a plan,…

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Does personal accountability matter anymore? When we hear the word accountability, most think about owning up to our actions, taking responsibility, being transparent, and not making excuses. In society today, it is easy to “hide” and avoid being accountable because much of how we communicate is behind the cloak of anonymity. We send text and…

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Want to Get More Things Done?

Are you constantly bombarded with things to do or things you want to get done? Even if you create lists, tasks and projects seem never to end. The answer is to get a workable plan to manage your life and work that suits your personality and mindset. Think about the time of day when you…

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Can You Teach Appreciation?

Is it a lost art to show appreciation?  Life seems to move at break-neck speed these days. We don’t even have time to have conversations, but rather send cryptic 140-word tweets or text messages. Do you ever wonder how our children and the broader younger generation will learn the art of appreciation? Take food, for…

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