"You must take action now that will move you towards your goals. Develop a sense of urgency in your life." - H. Jackson Brown, Jr.


Meet Aunt Brenda

Brenda Goburn SmithShe considers herself an evolving woman striving to be her best self with grace, comfortable in her own skin. Best described as an encouraging and welcoming friend who enjoys uplifting conversations.

At this stage in her life, she is fairly self-sufficient and no longer raising young children but actively involved with her grandchildren. While she could retire, her mind is too active to be lulled into a static routine. There are too many adventures to explore that involve undiscovered food, wine, travel destinations, music, other cultures, and new learnings that could be cobbled into her own life lessons.

A walking sponge, she soaks up topics of personal growth and resilience for women having survived many of life’s challenges triumphantly.

Understanding that life is dynamic and circumstances are subject to change without notice she knows having a sound foundation of known core values is an advantage. Even so, with the wisdom of a lifestyle plan sprinkled with downtime for self-care – she sometimes needs reminders. As a breast cancer survivor, Brenda is ever vigilant to adopt healthy options but you wouldn’t call her a health nut.

A natural planner in constant search for a better way to be more productive anything that builds an efficient, successful lifestyle or work habits captures her attention.

She is a woman you would enjoy having a chat with over a cup of coffee because the conversation would be interesting, thought-provoking, and the topics wide-ranging.

She is a success coach helping evolving women define and design their personal goals and lifestyles while celebrating their abilities and resilience. Because “we’ve still got a lot of living to do.”

Need a Nudge to Do What You Have Always Wanted to Do?

Clarity for coaching coverStepping into a new situation, career, or job can be scary, but less so if you have someone to remind you of your objectives. We generally know when we are ready for new adventures and situations; we just need a nudge.

Who Are You?

The best strategy is to start at the beginning by exploring and describing who are you. My approach to career services and coaching usually begins with personal branding because it lays the foundation for validating and presenting your unique value.

Your brand promotes what is known about you and is created by you – your reputation. It’s the image of you that pops into someone’s head when they hear your name or recognize your work.

Personal Branding

When creating strategies for personal decisions, personal branding helps you review your core values, set your priorities, and promote your choices. This approach is essential when exploring lifestyle changes.

Your situation and objective will determine the depth of our exploration. Should your goal be to create a personal action plan for a lifestyle change, the outcome will be a step-by-step strategy.

The first step towards any goal is to get clarity about the destination, the skills, and equipment you need for the journey. In our time together,  we will be exploring your preferences, strengths, and habits looking for what makes you unique and distinctive.

If your ultimate goal is to create a personal brand statement, which is somewhat like a short introduction, although it can be more extensive. It could describe your mission, philosophy, skills, values, and your unique value promise to “market your brilliance.”

It positions your decisions for where and how to “market your brilliance” by clearly stating who you are, what you do well, and the value you bring to an opportunity or situation.

Coaching can broaden your viewpoint to allow you to consider unexplored options. A coach provides a safe place for you to strategize, practice and build confidence.

Now Let's Examine the "How"

We will gather your fundamental perceptions and then validate your observations because, “we all want to do better and be better.”

During the exploration phase, we might use a couple of assessment instruments to identify reoccurring themes that complement or elevate skill set, or personality attributes. We need assessment tools because everyone subconsciously “colors” their perception of themselves, and we need an impartial viewpoint. The process can be enlightening and fun.

In case I didn’t mention it, this is real work that will require your time and brain for introspection. The investment pays enormous, possibly life-changing dividends for you. If during, the process, you feel stuck or confused, please contact me. I will clarify the issue and get you unstuck. You are not on this journey alone.

We will set a schedule for our sessions, which may be held face-to-face, using telephone or video conference calls, and email messages. Each client is unique and receives a customized strategy and contract for Personal Branding and Coaching Services.

Don't Try to Do this Alone!

Coaching can broaden your viewpoint to allow you to consider unexplored options. A coach provides a safe place for you to strategize, practice and build confidence.


All contracts are customized to address client goals with agreed upon desired outcomes and objectives. All engagements require client “homework” and commitment to keep scheduled appointments. Email support services are offered throughout engagement for questions or clarity. Contract includes the cost of assessment instruments unless otherwise noted. Payment of fees are paid in advance of commencement of services. Prices below are general guidelines depending on customized contract.


Plan A - Brand Exploration

One 50-minute and one Personal Debriefing Session and Report that aggregates and examines recurring themes and attributes for drafting a brand statement to present your value.


Plan B - Client Engagement

Two 40-minute Coaching Sessions, plus one 50-minute Personal Debriefing Strategy Session and Report confirming results for career path changes, or personal action plans.


Plan C - Coaching Sessions

Client determined topics for career planning, goal setting, action plans, or personal development. Four 45-minute sessions, Debriefing Report, and Assessments.