Grandparents: Write a Letter to Your Grandchildren for the Holidays

grandparents with grandsonTime seems to fly by, so you don’t want to miss the precious opportunity to share your wisdom with your grandchildren. Write them a letter of encouragement with your hopes for a wonderful life for them. Talk about how you appreciate and love them, and want the best for them. Children are coping with our new normal, too, and need reassurance. Your grandchildren know they are precious to you, a personal letter helps to express it. It could become a keepsake.

You often think about how proud you are of your grandchildren and their accomplishments. A letter from you would be well-received and treasured, no matter their age now. You may need to gather your thoughts. Don’t put it off. Aunts and Uncles are urged to write one too! 

You are an important part of their foundation that grounds their self-confidence and self-concept. The legacy you pass on to them matters. A letter from you will cut through the clutter of constant texting, TV, online games, or if they are grown their focus may be on work and providing for their family. You have lots of life experiences and stories of lessons learned to share. Over the next few days, I'll be sharing more tips to help you gather your thoughts.


letter in envelope


Writing a handwritten letter may seem like a daunting task since we seldom practice the art form often. Never fear, it is like riding a bike; the skill comes back, although you may need some reminders. If you focus on the reason and the person, your thoughts will take shape.

What picture pops into your mind at the mention of your grandchild’s name or seeing their name on caller ID? Jot that down and add a couple more adjectives. Now, think about what you wish for them as they travel through life. See, it is not as challenging as you first thought. Of course, there are other things to consider, and I'll be sharing more tips in the Grandparenting section of my blog, so be sure to check back often.

One more thought about adult grandchildren; absolutely do include them. They have had the benefit of your influence and wisdom throughout the years and will appreciate being acknowledged. Parents and grandparents are usually their best cheerleaders at graduations, weddings, job promotions celebrations, and when overcoming life’s obstacles.

Consider the big picture of a grown grandchild, who like you, has traversed life’s paths that may involve recovered stumbles and yet grew with grace and dignity. A keepsake letter would also touch their heart. Remember, you will not write a novel-length letter.