"The most important thing to remember is this, to be ready at any moment to give up what you are for what you might become." - W.E.B. DuBois

About Brenda Goburn Smith

People have always liked to talk with me to share their confidence and challenges. I’m a good listener, resourceful, and often able to help others easily connect the dots to pursue goals or projects. Due to a life-long interest in personal development topics, it is a natural progression to share that information online through blogs and online courses. A theme emerged through client engagements that gave them encouragement to actively pursue doing better and being better. Now I plan to share information for clarifying and implementing successful strategies and gaining self-knowledge. The goal is to appreciate and support women as they solidify goals and triumph over challenges to living fulfilled and successful experiences with confidence and grace, comfortable in their own skin.

Would You Like to Reinvent Yourself?

Brenda Goburn Smith I've always been curious, a life-long learner, trusted confidante and held fast to my passion for motivating others and myself to aspire to attain great goals.

I've Reinvented Myself Many Times

Along the way, I've opened a marketing company for corporate clients, owned and operated a specialty retail store, taught adults at the community college level, and served as the tenured Executive Director for a professional membership organization of successful CEOs.

A business degree from Johns Hopkins University, Carey School of Business, certainly helped my career as an entrepreneur, occasional employee, and business owner. My broad exposure to different industries helps me connect dots from various perspectives quickly. Choosing a career as a professional resume writer and coach is a natural for me.

Each change meant I had to convince others and myself of my capabilities and my then-new career choice or opportunity goal.

Reinventing oneself requires soul searching, gaining clarity on the reality of your choices, assessment of your abilities, and having the conviction and courage to move forward.

Proving My Value

Most of the time I was venturing into an uncharted arena, which meant I had to have the courage to figure out a way to prove my value for each opportunity or goal. When I could, I found an objective sounding board.

On my journey, I did the research to learn the requirements and then sought to package my competencies to match what was required. When I was lucky, I put myself into situations where I could learn. Oh, I also asked for help or bought in professional experts or purchased services.

You Have to Put in the Work

All that to say, reinventing yourself is important work. In life, deciding how to adapt to changes that happen in your life or to make changes requires work. Everyone wants to be his or her best self, and that requires clarity of thought.

I hope you will join me on an adventure to learn something useful and share some enlightened moments on this website.