The Joy of Being a Grandparent

“Grandchildren are the dots that connect the lines from generation to generation.” -Lois Wyse

grandmother in kitchen on computer

In the blink of an eye, we seemingly move from one phase of our life into another. We easily see in our mind's eye a younger, more spry self. The magic of seeing that younger self materialize before us in the manifestation of our grandchildren is priceless.

Whether you're known as Nana, Grandma, Grammy or Pop-Pop, Grandpa, Granddad—from the moment when they enter the world and your life, you become seduced and committed to an eternal mutual love affair. And oh, what a ride…full of hope, worries, pure joy, and wonderment. Mostly there will be giggles along the way for both of you.

Happily, you are primed to be a significant influence in your grandchildren's life and a source of encouragement to your children as they finally understand you better.

Welcome to a cheerful resource to keep you company as you travel through the adventures of being a grandparent, whether you are new to the party or an experienced traveler. My intent is to share information and helpful resources that will be uplifting and a joy for all involved.

In the past, grandparents were just a holler away because we often lived in multigenerational homes. Today, families are far-flung around the globe able to reach out and occasionally visit, except for the lucky few who are local. Maintaining that close connection is sometimes awkward, but with technology, we can often lessen the gap. My plan is to offer suggestions, resources, and activities to engage both you and your grandchildren.

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