Tip #1 for Writing a Letter to Your Grandchildren

grandfrather writing letter


PLAN YOUR STRATEGY – Be clear on your intent

Terrific! Your letter will be a special treat. There are several things to consider before you put pen to paper. This will not be a novel-length letter.

What will be the focus of your letter?

  • The holidays – are different this year but still a time to celebrate family and family ties.
  • Acknowledging your pride in how they are growing and or their adult accomplishments.
  • Your desire to reach out and share your love because they are always on your mind – in your heart.

How many letters will you write?

  • Make a list - if you have more than one grandchild. You may have to write several letters.
  • Are they in the same household? The last thing you want to do is to miss one. Sisters and brothers talk to each other. You may have to write to each of them to make them feel special and acknowledged.
  • By all means, plan the delivery to be at the same time. You may have to put them in one envelope if they live together.
  • The postal system will deliver these letters – consider sending them priority mail.

Get buy-in

  • Please share with the parents what you are considering and ask for their support.
  • Ask them to keep it a secret until you are ready to send the letter(s). It will be a great surprise for the grandchild.
  • Parents may have some information about their child’s stage of development.

Consider making it age-appropriate

  • Newborn – a keepsake letter that expresses your delight and welcomes them into the family. Please talk about your dreams and hopes for their life.
  • Toddler – The happiness they bring to the family. Special interests. Talents.
  • Teens - Talk about their personality, good qualities, and abilities you notice. Wishes for their future. Support for their hobbies.
  • Adults – Everyone encounters life challenges, and it is reassuring to have an acknowledgment of accomplishments and overcoming obstacles. Likewise, adults welcome encouragement at any age, especially if they pursue a career or raise a family or do both simultaneously.

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