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career-resources-graphicThere's a ton of information on the Internet, some of it helpful, some of it not. Through my work, I often bump into good information to share. More than likely, you don't have time to shift through the massive amount of available data.

You will find free resources here. I freely share information because the payoff is an informed client who understands the process.

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Emergency Supplies Checklist

Today I stood in my kitchen, opened a drawer and took out a spoon. My thoughts and heart focused on the people impacted by hurricanes. It will be a mighty long time before they can simply reach for a spoon or anything else familiar. I also thought that I should get my home prepared for emergencies. I hope you find this checklist helpful.

Interview with Empire Radio

(length: 8:29)

Listen to this recorded radio interview on Empire Radio when Brenda gives tips for telling your career story, creating a resume that is readable, and the dos and don'ts for uploading your resume online.

7 Strategies for Coping with Change

Change that leads to new beginnings can be an exciting time in your life, but it can also be the scariest. These 7 strategies can help you cope with change. Then download my 27-page e-book to find out how you can create your new future by changing you.

Interview with Lou Hutt

(length: 27:32)

Listen to a recorded interview on Sirius XM Urban View, satellite radio, as Lou Hutt talks with Brenda Goburn Smith on The Lou Hutt Show. The topic is the impact and importance of personal branding for your reputation, personal and professional opportunities.