I Still Want to be Fit and Fabulous, What About You?

Brenda Goburn SmithBelieve me, I am realistic about my changing physical boundaries. No longer able to energetically do as much as I did in years past, now I pace myself and still do more than most people. However, I am comfortable in my own skin and definitely want to look fabulous in my jogging suit or cocktail dress.

Because I sit in front of a computer screen too many hours, I've committed to doing stretches, going for walks outdoors, and getting down on the floor to do exercises. This tactic works for me as long as no one sees the contortions I go through to get up. It's a funny sight.

My ultimate goal is to design and live a healthy intentional life on my own terms with joy and giggles liberally sprinkled throughout.

Like you, I have mirrors in my house and see that body parts have shifted and are not as perky and firm as they used to be. But all and all, I'm in good enough condition to, as the old folks used to say, "to do for myself." So, I consciously pay attention to my eating habits and struggle to keep a regular exercise schedule.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

What is the conversation in your head saying when you look in the mirror? Sure, some of your body image ideas may have been formed in your early life; just remember you are always evolving and changing. If you need to revamp and update your concept of you, do it.

Take that first step inward to change your mindset. Psychologists believe that a negative body image can lead to low self-esteem and depression. In contrast, a positive body image leads to high self-esteem and a positive mindset.

Get a Realistic View of Yourself

Your self-talk affects how you feel about the way you look, believe, and act. People view themselves based on memory, assumptions, and generalizations. Listen, when you focus on how you used to look before you had a scar, gained weight, or your hair wasn't gray, your memory of what you used to look like can cause a poor body image now.

Focus on your attractive features. We have been duped by media, movies, and advertising to believe young people and blonds have more fun, and skinny people are always healthy, but that is just not so.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Your height, weight, and body shape are not the same as your personality, character, and mindset. You are a whole person who is more than how only you look. You will feel more comfortable with your body when you work to stay healthy, active, and productive.

Regardless of your body type, how you think about your body image should be based on your body's benefits, not on how you look. You can be healthy and happy, no matter your body type.

Be Comfortable in Your Own Skin

Treat yourself with the care and nurturing you deserve, accept yourself as beautiful no matter which standards you meet. Advertising, other people's opinions, and cultural norms can affect your thoughts and beliefs about what is beautiful. A positive body image leads to valuing yourself, regardless of how you look. High self-esteem makes you more likely to take care of yourself - to continue to feel healthy and happy.

Bottom line, I want to be fit and feel fabulous, what about you?

Making a change requires planning, coupled with research, to find appropriate options. Sometimes an objective "listening ear" will help you clarify goals and shorten your search. My coaching sessions could help you do exactly that to have a clear roadmap to your intentions.

Perhaps, we should have a conversation. I would be happy to chat about your personal goals for you and accompany you on your journey as your coach. You can contact me here.

You’ve still got a lot of living to do!