Call Upon Your Personal Courage to Face Fears

It’s a challenge to face your fears and not being paralyzed by them. Franklin Delano Roosevelt said,

“…the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

He said these words as a way of comforting a country devastated by a harsh depression. Even today those words can be comforting, especially when we realize that most of the time the things and issues we fear are overly exaggerated or often never come into reality.

However, it is a significant leap of faith to run towards your fears until you dare to step outside your comfort zone. Coming to grips with the possibility of change is a necessary part of reframing your thoughts.

It is not a good idea to hide from fear because it can cripple you and usually that makes the situation worse by not taking any action. Think of this when you have to handle uncomfortable situations.

When you do approach the situations you fear, you may find in hindsight they were not as bad as first imagined. Often you feel a sense of accomplishment when you take on those fears.

I remember in the seventh grade my family moved across town, which meant I transferred to a new school. I was a bit shy and practiced all summer to say hello to my new classmates. Success reigned. I not only said hello, but I also held my head up and looked at them.

Most people have a fear of speaking in public. Setting yourself up to do similar feats like that can be a great start to running towards your fears. You can get through most challenges when equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to conquer a situation successfully. You will be fortified to manage anything that comes your way.

It takes personal courage to break through and face whatever makes you afraid. Seeking out others who may have either gone through what you are facing for advice is a workable strategy. The simple act of talking about it with them can often lead to taking the necessary actions to succeed. If you stumble, find a group to help you get back on the proverbial horse.

Life is full of challenges. In your way, find a way to deal with them. Sheltering yourself from facing those worrisome situations only puts them off to deal with later. It’s rare that deferring them will lead to a positive outcome. Confronting them will make you stronger and prevent situations from building to the point of being unmanageable or unbearable.

People will also see you as a person of courage when you step up to the plate and take charge of the situation. More important, you will see you as a person of courage. Sometimes a chat with an objective person helps. I’d be happy to tell you about my coaching services.

Contact me if you need help creating a personal action plan to accomplish a goal or change a worrisome habit.