Still in your seat, confused about who you are really? Good for you if you can clearly articulate an answer. For most of us, we have not added updates on our perception of that bright-eyed, enthusiastic, open-minded person we were 20-30 years ago. Some of us are still trying to live up to or live down labels family and co-workers planted upon us when we were 16, 26, or 36 years old.

Even if we don’t realize it many of us have changed our perspectives, goals, values or desires in the past ten or twenty years. In the process of living we are still developing, even though we may be grown. No matter which season of life you are in, you’ve got a lot of living to do. Forget about the number of years, what do you want to be when you “grow up?” You should design it to suit you.

Take the time to ask and answer really simple, but hard questions:

Who am I?What legacy do I want to leave for my children, or the world?
What's my purpose in this life?How do I want to be known now?
What makes me special?What do I want to do with the rest of my life?
What are my gifts and talents?What do I want to change in my personal life?
What gets me excited now? Is it different from 10 years ago?

Self-discovery is enlightening and starts with getting to know yourself. Hit the refresh button on you.

It has been my privilege to help many clients gain clarity on their personal and career issues. I’ve always had an interest in learning about what makes people tick, and especially what makes me tick.

The concept of happiness, self-fulfillment, and contentment is different for each of us. I know I’m happy when I’m doing something creative whether it's making homemade rolls, developing a resume, or planning a corporate Board meeting or retreat. I love seeing all the parts come together in a new form or fulfill an objective. So, what makes you blissfully happy?

While preparing for this website I did a lot of research to see which resources could support our conversations. I would love to hear from you if you want to share your experiences. Feel free to reply below in the comments section or contact me to send comments/feedback.

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  1. Desiree Johnson on August 23, 2014 at 11:15 am

    I really appreciate this information. I going to be 42 on Aug 27th and for the first time in my life I heard information to questions I had for a long time . I heard you on the Lou Hutt show on Sirius radio, and was blown away with the information. I’m a mother of four, youngest 18. I have a childhood background that made my doctor cry, however I know im not my past childhood and I don’t live there but my problem is I dont know who I am, or what I have to offer even though Ive been working with the public on different aspects such as working in public housing in Wilmington DE, from there Delaware Department of Labor and from there Social Services now for 10 years. I want to eventually go to school to become a counselor for the sexually abused, but find it hard to get the time so ive been searching for a position with a hospital or college that will give me a flexible schedule then school would be easier to obtain as now i have custody of my 4yr old granddaughter.
    I’m now trying to relocate to Northern VA for many reasons and I’ve been applying for jobs but now that I listened to the show, I
    see (heard on the show) my resume may be hindering me because it does not reflect or project my abilities in such a way that employers are interested . I’m ready and open for improvement and your website is a tool for me as well as friends and family because and I’m going to share it, but I got to get me straight first as I’ve always put myself last. Thank you