To Be Truly Alive, Use It or Lose It

enjoy-life-medIf you don’t use it you lose it. That goes for anything and everything. Our life on earth is shockingly short when you put it in the perspective of time. Yet, we often act as though we have time to spare. Before we know it, time has moved us through puberty, school, career, marriage, children, struggles, and triumphs.

And too soon we will all face the sunset of our days wondering about our choices and hopefully still feeling vibrant enough to do what is necessary or desired. We seldom consciously think about continual nourishment and development of our body, brain, or emotional growth.

When is the last time you:

  • gathered your thoughts to write something with pen and paper?
  • read a book – cover to cover?
  • took the time to analyze your position on a topic or perspective, rather than going with a familiar “gut” reaction?
  • spoke the words, “I love you” or “I appreciate you” to someone special in your life?
  • tried something new or different such as food, movies, TV programs, activities, destinations, technology, or friendships?

To truly be alive, one must strive to live. Deal with the messy components of life and find unrequited joy in the simple things of life.

How would you rate these questions – on a scale of 1 – 5:
(1= low/seldom and 5 = high/almost always)

  • I look for opportunities, experiences, and events that are interesting, unfamiliar and intriguing.
  • I make a point of expressing my feelings to people close to me.
  • I try to consider the perspectives and opinions of others compared to mine.
  • I seek out new information by reading or searching on the Internet or exploring new venues or people.
  • I nurture real relationships beyond the use of texts, Facebook, tweets, and email.

If your score is 10 or below, join us for interesting online discussions and suggestions for greater personal fulfillment. If your score is 16 and above you are invited to join in and share what has worked for you.

It’s your life…you should get seriously passionate about it. What are you doing for the next phase of your life? Let’s say the next 5 or 10 years? Have you planned a fulfilling life for yourself?

Too often we fall into patterns, a relationship, a job, or career and just bump along thinking it’s just the way thing are. The truth is we are often so busy; being busy, we seldom take the time to examine our lives, goals, true talents, deferred dreams, and passions.

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