Why Are You Constantly Dipping Into Your Retirement Savings Even Though You Planned for a Dream Lifestyle?

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Sure, there have been some unexpected changes in the economy. Still, you had calculated for that when you set up your 401k retirement plan. The way things are going, you will be in financial straits soon. There will always be something to take you off course; mortgage payments, the dryer will stop working, the roof will spring a leak, family weddings, new grandbabies, etc. It’s life.

Let’s look at an option that you may not have considered. Have you thought about packaging your wisdom for passive income? I’m sure you had a remarkable career where you contributed expertise and solved problems. There is much that you could offer to people and companies.

A conversation about how you could package your expertise for supplemental passive online income might be worthy of exploration. Ever thought about a side hustle?

Opportunities on the Internet are abundant. Mind you, I am not a business operations coach; my expertise lies in helping clients identify their strengths, find innovative resources for their goals, and shape their marketing message. My focus is more on mindset. I can help you validate options that match your interests, abilities, and accomplishments.

Becoming an online entrepreneur, even on a limited basis, is not to be taken lightly. If it is uncharted territory for you, know that I have traveled that road several times and could serve as your “scout.”

One thing for sure, if your retirement is not going as you planned and finances are constantly worrisome, and on your mind, we should talk. I am a success coach helping evolving women define and design their personal goals and lifestyles while celebrating their abilities and resilience. Making a change requires planning, coupled with research, to find appropriate options. Sometimes an objective "listening ear" will help you clarify goals and shorten your search.

My coaching sessions could help you do exactly that to have a clear roadmap to your intentions. Perhaps we should have a conversation. I would be happy to chat about your personal goals for you and accompany you on your journey as your coach. Feel free to contact me to send comments/feedback.