You Can Bounce Back From a Setback and Move Forward

Bounce Back from SetbacksYour life can be moving along smoothly on many levels. The future can look rosy, then everything can change in a moment. You could face disaster, disease, or discouragement, a significant setback. When thrown off your normal life’s course, the looming question is how to get back to a predictable routine or a better position. Know that you are not alone. People usually overcome setbacks and obstacles successfully with diligent efforts. The good news is there are a few things you can do to recover and turn an obstacle or challenge into an opportunity. This is not a frivolous or “Pollyanna” approach but a doable action roadmap. You can call upon and master your power of resiliency.

Women operate simultaneously on so many levels; it requires them to assess needs for various situations continually. Not that men are not capable of operating on multiple levels, they are.  However, while it can be challenging to recover from setbacks and unforeseen disasters, women usually rise victorious. The dance of life is unscripted. If fortunate enough to have a plan, realize that no recovery plan is foolproof; many are fraught with stumbles and false starts. Even when tempted to give up, with futility looming large, it is easy to become convinced of potential doom from the challenge that has befallen your plans. Remembering that life can have missteps, which are most often not fatal, we learn to make those missteps a part of life’s dance.

Challenge Yourself

Even though objectively facing a problematic situation can be hard, do your best. Instead of looking at the end of your journey, challenge yourself to see it differently. Try to flip your attitude if needed, re-affirm that you can make choices. Weigh your options and brainstorm possible outcomes to come up with an action plan. Take some time to process your feelings and the impact of potential consequences. Set small goals or steps to put your action plan in motion. Begin by sharing your objective with involved people in your circle, if appropriate. Once you are clear on your ultimate desires, put your energy and efforts into achieving your goals, momentum will move you forward.

Bouncing Back is Hard Work

The truth is bouncing back is hard work and may deplete your energy. You must take time out for yourself. This means making sure your own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs are met. Try to eat healthy foods that energize your body. Go for a walk in the sunshine. Read, color, or do another calming artistic activity. Do set aside ten minutes to do something relaxing; meditate, cuddle with your pet, read inspirational material, stretch, or watch a funny YouTube video. You need to be at the top of your game, and you can’t do that if you are not feeling your best.

Use Personal Power

The important thing, when faced with setbacks and obstacles, is to remember you operate from a place of personal power. Your life lessons have value; think back to difficult situations you have successfully conquered. Finding your way back after a challenge takes time, be patient with yourself. It may be a winding road with twists and turns, but you’ll bounce back, keep moving forward. You are resilient, shift your focus to creating the life you crave.

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