Reframe Your Mindset to Overcome Setbacks & Obstacles

When thrown off your normal life’s course, the looming question is how to get back to a predictable routine or a better position. People usually overcome setbacks and obstacles successfully with diligent efforts. The good news is there are a few things you can do to recover and turn an obstacle or challenge into an opportunity. This is not a frivolous or “Pollyanna” approach but a doable action roadmap. Know that you are not alone.

Consider Cynthia’s situation, she had been overweight for years. When she was diagnosed with asthma and thyroid disease, she started getting the treatment she needed. After a while, exercise became easy and gone was that constantly tired feeling. Now, each morning, she had energy and looked forward to each new day.

But just as Cynthia was finding a new groove and getting healthier, she tripped on the stairs in her house and broke her leg. When Cynthia realized she’d be in a cast for six weeks, she was disappointed. Her broken bone felt like a huge setback, and she wasn’t sure if she could overcome it.

Have you ever been where Cynthia was? You felt like you were in your groove. You were on your way to achieving an important goal, then something made the brakes screech to a halt.

Leaving you wondering how to deal with this latest setback or obstacle. The good news is there are a few things you can do to turn an obstacle into an opportunity or minimally, reframe it.

Reframe It

challenge yourselfWhen you encounter a setback or obstacle, you might be tempted to turn it into a catastrophe. You say things like, “I knew this would happen! Nothing goes right for me and I can’t do this!”

Instead of looking at this problem as the end of your journey. Challenge yourself to see things differently. Reframe your mindset to a more positive approach by thinking about using it as a learning experience for personal growth. We acquire life lessons throughout our life.

This simple attitude flip puts you back in the driver’s seat. Instead of being a helpless victim, you re-affirm that you’re in charge and you claim your personal power.

Make an Action Plan

Once in a positive state of mind, plan to deal with your obstacle or setback. You may want to start brainstorming solutions. Grab a sheet of paper and pen or your favorite smart device. Try to list 20 possible ways you could deal with the situation. Keep writing to get at least 10. No judgment yet. Think outside of the box.

Not all of your solutions have to be realistic or even ideal. The important thing is that you begin brainstorming and thinking. As you stay open to new ideas, you may just come across the perfect solution.

Ask for Help

If you have an action plan but don’t know which option is the best, reach out to your mentor, most stable close friend, or a coach. Share what you’re working through and your top 3 solutions. Then ask for their advice.

Be prepared to listen—even if you don’t like the answer. Your coach, friend, or mentor may have a suggestion that you hadn’t considered before. Don’t be quick to dismiss a new idea. Instead, quiet your inner ego and listen. You never know what you might discover!

Facing an obstacle is never easy. But you can overcome anything that life throws at you with the right attitude and a solid action plan.

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